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Picturesque and romantic cruise inside Santorini's crater

Price From: €55 Nights: 0

Catamaran Cruises in Santorini

Morning and Evening

Enjoy a glass of wine while sailing in the caldera, around the volcano, with this private or semi-private cruise

Price From: €135 Nights: 0

Santorini Dream Honeymoon

7 nights Santorini

Visit the most romantic island in the world. Santorini will make your honeymoon unforgettable!

Price From: €1085 Nights: 7

Greece Luxury Honeymoon

3 nights Athens and 4 nights Santorini

Let us organise the honeymoon of your dreams with this luxury package.

Price From: €1815 Nights: 7

Aegean Spirit "C"

2 nights Athens, 4 day cruise and 3 nights Santorini

Visit Athens and take a cruise to the Greek Islands and Turkey.

Price From: €1125 Nights: 8

Aegean 2

3 nights Athens, 3 nights Mykonos island, and 3 nights Santorini island

The ancient city of Athens is today a vibrant megalopolis with nonstop nightlife, creative cuisine, and sites both ancient and modern. In cosmopolitan Mykonos meet the international jetset, swim in the cristal clear waters, and enjoy the renowned night life. In Santorini enjoy the sensational and romantic sunsets, the fascinating caldera views, and the black and red beaches.

Price From: €790 Nights: 9

Aegean 8

3 nights Crete, 3 nights Santorini, 3 nights Mykonos, and 2 nights Athens

A popular Greek island vacation package including 3 islands (Crete, Santorini and Mykonos) and vibrant Athens.

Price From: €995 Nights: 11
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